Should You Buy Pre-Owned Small Farm Equipment?

Should You Buy Pre-Owned Small Farm Equipment?

The amount of total land dedicated to agriculture in the United States has declined steadily since the year 2012. Part of the reason for this steady decline is the high production cost associated with farming. Acquiring assorted small farm equipment, especially among the small-scale farmers, can be a highly capital intensive undertaking.

Over time, more land has been dedicated to other more promising ventures causing a slowdown in agribusiness.  But more farmers are embracing buying pre-owned small farm equipment as a way of dealing with the high costs of production.

If you have been wondering whether it’s a good idea to buy used farm equipment, read on— we have answers for you.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Pre-owned small farm equipment is less expensive and hence help you save on money. The cost implications when farming often form the heart of most small-scale farmers’ concerns.

You may end up having to borrow considerable loans to keep up with the capital intensiveness of agriculture when acquiring new machinery. But pre-owned equipment can solve your cost concern. If you can save at least 50% of the actual purchasing cost of farm equipment, then opting for used farm tools is an option worth considering.

2. The Functionality Is Similar to That of New Equipment

If you’re new to pre-owned equipment, there’s always the worry that the machine may not function to your liking. Most times, such farm equipment is not entirely dysfunctional. The original owners may have opted to sell them off for varying reasons.

Buying a piece of pre-owned equipment does not, therefore, mean that the machines are faulty. You may end up owning better machinery than you would if you opted for a piece of new machinery. Just like refurbished phones, the pre-owned equipment goes through a thorough process of restoration.

You’re, therefore, guaranteed optimum functionality when using used farm equipment. With proper maintenance and constant repairs, such pre-owned machines can serve you longer than you would expect at half the original cost of a new tool.

3. Added Advantage of Modification

An original owner may sell farm equipment because of a failure to perform specific tasks. This is common, especially where the machine has particular faults. But with seasoned specialists who understand the operational framework of such tools, the equipment can undergo modifications to solve such a concern before being resold.

The advantage is that you end up with a modified machine with minimal risk of having to incur additional repair costs for the equipment. With a rigorous inspection process to ensure that any underlying faults are resolved beforehand, you won’t have much to worry about the tools as you farm.

4. Variety

Most of the advanced agriculture equipment dealers, such as AG Solutions Group have a large selection of pre-owned equipment. Considering that original owners bring in a wide array of small and large equipment, you’re spoilt for choice.

Unlike going to new equipment only shop, where variety is a challenge, most used farm equipment resale entities have different categories of farm machinery with various features. You’ll, therefore, have an array of options to choose from when settling for pre-owned machines.

5. You Still Enjoy a Warranty Period

If you’re looking for the best farm buys and have second thoughts about pre-owned farm equipment, you need to hear this. Most dealers understand the mechanical dynamics of owning farm machinery. You get to enjoy long-lasting warranties.

You will also enjoy other considered warranties such as the transmission and the axle service contract valid after purchase. This means that you can use your pre-owned farm equipment with the confidence that you stand to be reimbursed in case of a fault not directly because of your negligence.

With such assurances, you don’t need to incur the mind-boggling costs associated with purchasing a new machine. Companies such as the AG Solutions Group offer some of the best warranties in the business, which makes owning used farm machines a safe option.

But what are some factors to look out for when going for pre-owned equipment?

Factors to Consider When Buying a Small Farm Equipment

A few factors should matter before settling for pre-used farm equipment. These factors vary depending on your particular niche.


The cost of purchasing the machinery must be at the apex of your decision-making process. Consider comparing most of the other available used machinery options vis-à-vis buying a new machine. The cost-benefit should guide your ultimate choice.


You don’t want to end up with cheap equipment that has limited functionality. How well the farm equipment performs as compared to other machinery is critical. Ultimately, you are keen on machinery that will make farming easy.

You ought to research widely and ensure you get the best option in terms of performance before settling for used farm machinery.


Your main aim when settling for used machinery is to cut on both the initial buying price and the running cost. The rate of consumption of equipment should be at the center of the determination if such machinery is worth your dime. Consider test runs before the actual purchase to be on the safe side.

Product Support

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to source for spare parts when dealing with unique farm equipment. You may end up with a pre-owned farm machine, which has limited spare parts options. Therefore you need to trust the services of seasoned dealers with a tested record of quick response during such instances of intermittent breakdowns.

Secondhand Is Not Always Second Best

Most people dread owning pre-owned equipment for fear that they may be faulty. But most used small farm equipment on resale offers you the same or better service than new machinery. All you need to do is contact reliable dealers and you’ll end up saving on costs without the risk of compromising on quality.

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