Agricultural Sprayers: The Complete Guide on the Different Types of Farm Sprayers

Agricultural Sprayers: The Complete Guide on the Different Types of Farm Sprayers

The Complete Guide on the Different Types of Farm Sprayers

In the United States, 44.37% of land is agricultural land.

If you’re a farmer or work on a farm, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with using farm sprayers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each is used for different tasks.

From large models meant to attach to tractors to those that you can carry around with you, they fulfill a variety of tasks on any farm. Even if you aren’t growing crops, sprayers can be extremely useful to maintain your property and the quality of your land.

The Different Types of Farm Sprayers

Farm sprayers are agricultural sprayers used to help maintain land or address problems associated with farmland. They come in a variety of sizes and shape separated by how they are deployed and what they are used for.

Man-Portable Sprayers

These types of sprayers are commonly called Backpack Sprayers or Spot Sprayers. They do not hold a lot of liquid and are useful in specific applications. If you are trying to kill bagworms in your tree or need to apply concentrated chemicals to a small area, these are an excellent choice for that.

The main advantage of a man-portable system is that it doesn’t require anything except for the sprayer and you. You can haul it on your back or in your vehicle. The main disadvantage of these types of sprayers is that they are not suitable for all tasks due to the smaller capacity.

ATV/UTV or Pickup Tank Sprayers

These are medium capacity sprayers. Farm sprayers like this are hauled in pick-ups, specialized trailers, or on an ATV/UTV. They can hold a lot more than man-portable sprayer systems and are used for a wider array of applications.

If you own land that is not specifically used for growing crops, this might be the largest sprayer you need. The main disadvantage to these is that once again, they do not carry enough liquid to be useful on a large scale. For that, you need to move on to the next group of sprayers.

Boom Sprayers

The real deal when it comes to spraying down agricultural land. Farm sprayers like those built by New Holland can confront any task you have at hand. They are large capacity sprayers purpose-built to deliver results.

Whether you need to apply herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer, a boom sprayer can get the job done. The main advantage of these systems is that they can cover a vast area quickly. The boom on many of these can be over 100 feet long and can inundate an entire area quickly.

Front Mounted Booms

Front-mounted boom sprayers have the boom set in front so that the application material is not interfered with by dust and debris kicked up by driving. They are able to apply it cleanly without any disruption. New Holland front boom sprayers are state of the art.

It doesn’t hurt that they have huge tank volumes that can reach over 1,500 gallons.

Rear Mounted Booms

Rear-mounted boom sprayers are more common, like the Apache AS640 sprayer. Boom sprayers made by Apache are famous for their lightweight, and dependability. Apache is produced by ET sprayers and is among the most popular models of sprayers in the world.

ET Sprayers are based out of Indiana and produce self-propelled Apache sprayers for agricultural work. They market their products as far away as Australia and Ukraine. All over the world, the reliability and effectiveness of an Apache sprayer go without saying.

Boomless Sprayers

Boomless sprayers are seen more often in construction and municipal endeavors. They are often small tanker trucks that have a rear-facing spout that can be opened to release the liquid stored in the tank. Water trucks to keep the dust down are a common example of this type of vehicle.

These types of farm sprayers can be cheap, especially if purchased used, but do not have the same control or reach of a traditional boom sprayer. They only release liquid in a straight line behind them and can cause damage with their wheels.

Tow-Behind Sprayers

Farm sprayers like a 3-point hitch sprayer are pulled behind a vehicle and can spray from there. They are great for reaching places that a large boom sprayer can’t reach and are widely used in forested land. This maneuverability makes them great for larger jobs that an ATV/UTV or man-portable system would have trouble dealing with.

Capacity can be an issue with tow behind sprayers, but they come in a wide variety of sizes. They are appropriate for anyone who is training to maintain land or has a crop in a hard to reach area between rivers and trees.

Mist Sprayers

Mist sprayers are often called foggers and release the liquid they carry in a very fine cloud or mist. This allows them to deploy pesticides and other chemicals over a reasonable area. They are great for sensitive corps that can be difficult to work around and easy to damage.

Mist sprayers use less chemical to produce the same effect as a traditional sprayer but do have limitations. Not all liquids are appropriate for a mist sprayer, as some chemicals and fertilizers take a heavier dosage to be effective.

Farm Sprayers and You

In the old days, sprayers were not nearly as advanced or effective as they are now. Modern agriculture relies on sprayers of all kinds to get the job done and make land more productive.

If you are in the market for a new sprayer, we can help. The Ag Solution group has locations in Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

All across the Midwest, the Ag Solutions Group has been helping farmers meet their needs. If you already know what kind of farm sprayer you want, contact us for a quote and see what we can do for you.

Modern agriculture relies on sprayers in a way that it never has before. Don’t risk your crop and livelihood. If you need anything, we have an Ag Solution for you.


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