A Complete Guide to Telehandlers and Compact Loaders

Ever find yourself trying to move materials, but your tractor is too wide? Or maybe you find yourself thinking your machinery is uncomfortable and outdated.

If you’re running into these kinds of issues, it might be time to upgrade your farming equipment.

Now, we know what you might be thinking. Why buy another expensive piece of equipment, if you’ll only need to use it a few times or for one specific task? Is it worth it?

Instead, consider investing in a telehandler or compact loader.

For one, telehandlers can do it all. This includes lifting, moving, and placing heavy loads of material.

Comparatively, compact handlers move and carry material through tight spaces. Attachments can extend their capabilities.

Are you looking for a machine to do some of the heavy lifting for you? A versatile, cost-effective telehandler or compact lifter might be a perfect choice.

Read on to discover all the reasons these machines are great picks to assist with all your farming needs.

Different Uses for Telehandlers

Telehandlers are also known as telescopic handlers. They can work with a wide variety of attachments. This makes them perfect to solve the unique problems you might come across in your day-to-day.

Simply switching out one attachment for another gives you completely new capabilities. This makes the investment well worth the price since it can work for so many different tasks.

Telehandlers were traditionally used to move hay bales from place to place. But the telehandler of today is capable of a whole lot more. They were initially popular in Europe, where farmland was more compact.

The machines are useful for carrying materials, moving through tight spaces, and working on rough terrain. We’ll get into these more below.

Known for their strength and durability, they make great additions to agriculture equipment. Telehandlers vary in their lift capacity and reach. When choosing one to add to your equipment lineup, think about what you really need.

Attachments Can Extend Telehandler Uses

For starters, there are many accessories available for these machines. This means they can pick up, transport, and place materials, whether that means putting them up high or on the ground.

For instance, telehandlers can act as forklifts. In fact, these machines are sometimes referred to as reach forklifts. With the right attachment, they can do the same things a conventional forklift would.

Plus, telehandlers give users the ability not only to move up and down, but also forward and back. This creates more mobility than a traditional forklift, and thus, even more uses for the machine.

This may be why forks are one of the most popular telehandler attachments. They can easily lift materials up high from ground level.

With a platform attachment, these machines can be used in place of a boom lift as well. Not only can you transport materials up high, but people too.

These multi-use powerhouses can pair with an array of farming attachments as well. Along with its ability to move through tight spaces, this can boost productivity.

Bale grab, grain pusher, and grass fork attachments give it endless agricultural uses. The many attachment options mean there are uses for the machine in every season.

The compact size lets telehandlers squeeze in and out of spaces a traditional tractor can’t reach too.

Telehandlers also have the ability to maneuver over rough terrain outdoors. The technology and features make them adaptable to tougher landscapes.

For example, four-wheel drive makes climbing over hills an easy feat.

Benefits of Compact Loaders

In contrast to the telehandlers, compact loaders don’t have quite as many attachments. This could limit possible uses. But for those looking for a simpler machine, a compact loader might be a better fit.

While telehandlers are great for lifting up high, compact loaders work best for moving and pushing.

If you want to upgrade your machinery, a compact loader should be a top consideration. Today’s compact wheel loaders have tons of features. These make them competitive with more traditional skid steers or compact track loaders.

Efficient fuel economy and increased visibility also give these a competitive advantage. Because you’re seated higher up, you get a much better view of what’s around you, increasing safety.

Compact loaders usually come with the ability to change direction easily. They have better lifting capabilities than traditional equipment choices too.

Like telehandlers, they can be used for a wide variety of agricultural tasks. From winter snow removal to cleaning out livestock barns, the compact loader can do it all.

Attachment options for compact loaders are a bit smaller than that of telehandlers. It still opens a world of possibilities though. For example, skid steer attachments, snowblowers, and augers give a lot of flexibility.

Compact loaders can also do work in buildings that other equipment is too large to access.

An added bonus to using a compact loader is traveling at higher speeds without dropping any of the load you’re carrying. This added speed will increase productivity, which in turn will make the investment in the machine worth the money.

Choosing Telehandlers and Compact Loaders

The main advantage of telehandlers and compact loaders over more traditional agriculture machinery is their smaller sizes. The compact shape and relatively high speeds of both machines make them great for completing daily tasks with added productivity.

Additionally, the ability to easily change out attachments on both pieces of equipment makes them ideal for those looking to be smart about their spending. Both telehandlers and compact loaders can take on a wide variety of agricultural tasks.

Not only will both machines make it simple to accomplish day-to-day duties, but with the right attachment, they will also become solutions to your more unique and unexpected problems.

If you are interested in purchasing a telehandler or compact loader, we invite you to request a quote today.


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