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6 Reasons Why Apache Sprayers Are a Great Investment

In a year that disrupted work and everyday activities for so many people, farmers had to keep chugging along. Getting work done in strange times like these requires the best, most effective farming equipment.

Do you own an agricultural sprayer yet? If you do, how long has it been since you looked into an upgrade?

Now is the perfect time to invest in a machine from Apache Sprayers. Take a look at this list of reasons Apache Sprayers are the best option for you.

1. Less Weight Means Lower Fuel Costs

Apache Sprayers weigh thousands of pounds less than the competition, which has several benefits. Chief among them is that a lighter sprayer uses less fuel.

Competitors’ sprayers are heavier because they come with parts and features that you’ll never use. All these parts do for you is cost money when they break.

On the flip side, Apache Sprayers makes a point to simplify the production process. They use fewer materials that weigh less and build simpler machines without unneeded bells and whistles.

Apache’s decision to use lightweight materials and cutting out unneeded features gives you a more fuel-efficient, easier to maintain machine.

2. Cut Down on Compaction Issues

Soil compaction is one of the biggest rising challenges to modern farming. Air, water, and nutrients don’t circulate well when the soil gets pressed down.

It’s also harder for roots to break through the dirt and to get the food crops need to grow. A lack of circulation interferes with crop growth and leads to lower yields.

Farms don’t exist in a vacuum, and soil compaction in agricultural fields leads to broader environmental issues. Hard-packed dirt doesn’t absorb as much fertilizer and other farming chemicals.

Rainfall that hits compacted soil doesn’t sink into the earth. It washes agricultural chemicals out of fields and into local waterways. Some are toxic and have negative effects on the environment and even on human health when the chemicals pollute drinking water reservoirs.

The broader trend among agricultural equipment companies is sprayers and other equipment that are bigger and weigh more. The heavier equipment is, the more it presses down on the soil. That’s part of why Apache Sprayers made a point to cut as much weight as they could from their machines.

Because Apache Sprayers are lighter, they don’t have as much of an effect on the soil. Less soil compaction might well mean you get bigger yields in the harvest season.

Whether or not you can improve your yield, using a lightweight machine to combat soil compaction is a simple step towards protecting whole ecosystems.

3. Pick Custom Sprayer Options

Apache Sprayers may prioritize lightweight machines, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with great features.

For example, the AS630 sprayer gives farmers the option to pick from 60’/90′, 90′, and 100′ spray booms. The AS650 comes with a 3″ fill connection option that lets farmers use the fill station without leaving the cab.

Both of those models and many others offer tire upgrades. Farmers who choose the upgraded tire package enjoy an extra 6” of crop clearance. More clearance is a great help for anyone who wants to spray later in the season.

Specific custom options vary from model to model, but upgrades are available for all of them.

4. Apache Sprayers Have Modern Vehicle Features

It’s no secret that farming is grueling work, but quality farm equipment makes the job easier. Using a sprayer saves hours of time and manual labor, to begin with. There’s no reason for sprayer companies to avoid modern vehicle comfort and safety features that make farming an even simpler, more comfortable job.

You have enough to do and shouldn’t have to worry about farming safety tragedies like backing up over people or animals. To prevent this issue, Apache integrated high-resolution LED backup cameras into many of their recent models.

Apache Sprayers also aid driver comfort with front ladders and ergonomic joystick controls. This makes the sprayers easier to use and drive.

Another benefit of a lighter sprayer with flex-frame construction and a manual transmission is smoother riding. Fewer bumps and jolts ensure accurate spraying. You also won’t have as many aches and pains at the end of the day.

Comfort features help you focus on the job at hand instead of occupying your attention with maneuvering the machine. When you’re comfortable while spraying your fields, you have more energy for other vital tasks around the farm.

5. Spray Wide Areas or Use Precision Spraying

Huge spray booms help farmers apply chemicals to broad swaths of fields, saving tons of time and effort. Yet, sometimes it’s important to direct spray to a smaller area. Precision application is easy with specialized computer interfaces such as the Raven Viper 4+, AccuBoom, and Hawkeye.


Apache’s sprayers come with CAN bus field computers but can be adjusted to use ISOBUS communication systems instead. This flexibility lets farmers adjust Apache sprayers to perform whatever jobs they need to do.

6. Years of Protection for Your Sprayer

It’s rare for agricultural companies to back full machines for more than a year at a time. After the first year, Apache’s competitors back nothing but the drivetrain and/or engine. You may be able to buy an extended warranty, but dealers aren’t guaranteed to make you aware of that option.

With Apache Sprayers, you don’t need to go out of your way for coverage. For the first two years, Apache treats buyers to full coverage (<1,000 hours). Apache offers a drivetrain parts warranty through the third, fourth, and fifth year of ownership (< 2,000 hours).

We Have All the Agricultural Supplies You Need

After reading this article, there should be no question in your mind about what brand of sprayer you should pick up. It’s clear that Apache Sprayers are easier to use and get the job done right.

We have the farm equipment you need, no matter whether you’re looking for a new agricultural sprayer, tractor parts, or other agricultural supplies. Take a look at our wide selection of products and contact us for a quote or if you have any questions.

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