The Changing Landscape of Equipment Dealerships

If you have paid any attention to farm equipment dealerships in Oklahoma or Texas over the past few years, you have likely noticed a lot of changes.  It’s been an industry full of mergers, acquisitions and new store openings as well as store closures, bankruptcies and some manufacturers hopping from one dealer to the next.  To say it’s been turbulent would be quite an understatement.

Over that period of time, we have been involved ourselves in acquisitions and store closings, opening new stores, dropping lines that didn’t support their product and manufacturers moving to other dealers willing to stock more product than they sold.  The one thing that I can say without question is that all that turbulence has been educational for us.  We have learned a lot of lessons the hard way and learned how hard it is to stay true to what built the business in those times.

I say all this to let you know that through it all, we are committed to being your partner and to providing the kind of service that you have always relied on Livingston Machinery to give.  Over the years, many tractor dealers have come and gone but what sets a farm equipment dealership apart is its people and its commitment to customer service.  That kind of commitment to customer service becomes harder and harder to maintain the larger a company gets and the more locations it has under its umbrella.  We have done everything that we can to make it a part of our culture at Livingston Machinery Company.  Our people know how critical it is to be there when you need us regardless of when that is.

Anytime you need the help of Livingston Machinery Company, you can call any of our location numbers and the system will direct you to the person on call for parts, service or sales anytime day or night and any day of the week.  Our people are the best in the business and they are committed to your success.  We hope that commitment translates into your trust for all your farm equipment needs.


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