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Largest Capacity, Less Compaction

It’s another leap forward for producers looking to get in the field earlier and plant faster. For the first time, producers who prefer a 24-row planter can plant more acres per day with less compaction, thanks to the largest seed and fertilizer capacity available on the industry’s best track system.

The new White Planters 9924VE planter is a 24-row large-frame planter set up for 30-inch rows that carries 150 bushels of seed in a dual-tank, central-fill system, enabling growers to plant up to 300 acres between refills, says Larry Kuster, AGCO® product marketing specialist for seeding and tillage. “With this extra 60 bushels of seed capacity, you can just see the difference in productivity. The grower can keep putting seed in the ground, when a lower-capacity planter would be stopped for a refill.” Similarly, the 1,500-gallon fertilizer tank triples the amount other 24-row planters carry on board.

The 67-inch-long track system, available in 25-inch or 30-inch widths, makes the large capacity possible and provides growers multiple benefits, says Tom Draper, AGCO strategic marketing manager for seeding and tillage. “No. 1, it gives the operator the ability to get into the fields a little sooner in the spring than he might otherwise with a wheeled planter. No. 2, it reduces yield-robbing compaction with tracks versus wheels, while allowing for greater carrying capacity.”

The 9924VE comes from the factory with the proven and reliable vSet® metervDrive® electronic drive systemand fully integrated 20/20 SeedSense® monitor from Precision Planting® as standard equipment. When the vSet meter is combined with optional SpeedTube® seed tubes from Precision Planting, the planter consistently delivers 99%-plus accurate seed placement of corn at speeds nearly double traditional operating speeds. Customers can order SpeedTube and DeltaForce® automated down force as factory-installed options. The planter folds to a compact 15-foot transport width.

“We’re all striving to get in there earlier, to take advantage of growing degree days in order to give the plant every opportunity to maximize its yield potential,” Kuster says. “But that window’s always closing, so we want to get more done in a day, more acres planted. That’s what’s driving these developments in our planters for faster speeds, while maintaining precision, plus more capacity, which will ultimately improve growers’ return on investment.”

Draper says that customers who used the planter during its development liked the fast-loading seed conveyor and the “great capacity for fertilizer.” Kuster reports that farmers examining the new planter at the 2018 National Farm Machinery Show said they appreciated the simplicity of its design. “It’s a highly technical product, but it looks—and it is—very simple to operate,” he says.

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