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“They’re a luxury until you need them.” That’s what Mark Newby says of the implements he bought for his Massey Ferguson GC2410. “But once you need them, then they’re essential.”

Newby, who owns a horse-riding training school in Webster, Fla., called Suncoast Equine, recounts how his box blade helped him create a safe, level riding arena and his landscape rake helps him keep it in shape. “I bought that rake, and that’s probably one of the things I use most often. That’s because I rake the riding arena with it to keep it properly maintained and have good footing for the horses.”

His Massey Ferguson box blade is a cinch to use, he says. “If your ground is hard or you’ve got grass there, you can set [the tines] to go lower into the ground than the blade itself that follows behind.

“There’s nothing to it. You hook it up to the three-point [hitch] like you do any of the other attachments, and you raise it and lower it to whatever level you need.”

Newby also uses the box blade to maintain his driveway, as does, Bryan Welch of Lawrence, Kan. (You can read about his tips on maintaining his quarter-mile gravel driveway in “From Rut to Road.”) Implements like box blades, landscape rakes and grader blades are, as Newby says, “essential” for rural landowners.

Here, then, are lists of jobs each of these implements are built to tackle and why these rugged Massey Ferguson brand tools are sure to offer you years of hassle-free service as you work your land.

Three-Point Hitch Box Blades
Working widths from 48 to 84 inches

Three-Point Hitch Box Blades

The Massey Ferguson BB Series of box blades are ideal for leveling and grading material, or changing the contour of various landscape features. The 17-inch-high moldboard and the end-plate thickness of 5/16 inches provide the strength and capacity to cut through tough soil conditions, then drag the material for redistribution and leveling. The heavy-duty ½- x 6-inch double-beveled cutting edge is reversible for twice the wear life, while a rugged three-point hitch allows for reverse operation and backfilling.

The box blades feature a row of adjustable ripper shanks mounted ahead of the cutting edge to loosen and break up hard pack soils. The shanks can be easily stored on the box blade when not in use.

Three-Point Hitch Landscape Rakes
Working widths from 72 to 84 inches

Three-Point Hitch Landscape Rakes

Massey Ferguson RR Series landscape rakes are perfectly suited for grooming soil, removing rocks, brush or debris, or shaping the soil for planting or seeding. The high-carbon spring steel teeth are spaced at 2-inch intervals from center to center to perform smooth and clean raking without leaving skips.

The profile of the 15-inch spring steel rake teeth are formed to handle large volumes of material and spring back into their natural working position. There are seven working angle positions allowing up to a 45-degree angle to vary the amount of material being moved. Optional gauge wheels are available to allow a more consistent finish over uneven terrain.

Three-Point Hitch Grader Blades
Working widths from 72 to 96 inches

Three-Point Hitch Grader Blades

Massey Ferguson GB Series grader blades feature multiple, easy-to-make adjustments. These rugged blades—made 16inches high and 5/16 inches thick to handle high volumes of material—make it a cinch to grade and form soil foundations required for construction and landscape work, as well as carve drainage ditches, and level driveways and roadways.

Massey Ferguson grader blades feature numerous, user-friendly adjustments for precise and fine grading applications. Those adjustments include the following: seven pivot adjustments up to a 45-degree angle; two blade angle tilt adjustments up to 15 degrees; and three reverse angle pivot adjustments up to 30 degrees.

The blade can also be offset 23 inches to the right or left for those special grading and leveling applications.

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