Horsepower rating is important – but only when it’s powering your sprayer forward. Apache Sprayers mechanical-drive transmission with patented Apache POWER-TO-THE-GROUND™ technology delivers more horsepower where and when you need it most.


Most ag sprayers require more horsepower because of their weight.  Not Apache, in fact, Apache Sprayers are engineered to be light in the field for less soil compaction and equipped with horsepower and torque to conquer the toughest field conditions.  Despite simple construction, Apache Sprayers are rugged, dependable and built with the torque-converted power you need to get the job done.


A full 90 percent of Apache Sprayers horsepower is transferred to the ground, compared to 70 percent from other sprayers. In fact, the Apache’s lighter construction provides more Power-to-the-Ground™ than competing sprayers. That way you get a lot more from your horsepower.


Don’t just take our word for it. Apache owners say it best.

There is no issue with power. We have sunk up to one foot in the peat beds, but the Apache just pulls through, and we have never been stuck. Even on the hills, it has never lost power”.

Mark and Scott Jencks
Hawkeye, Iowa


All Apache Sprayers feature a flex-frame construction that ensures all four wheels are always on the ground. Lock-up torque converter and limited-slip differential create constant contact with the ground rear wheels and keep them turning no matter the field conditions.


A torque converter doubles the engine’s ability to push the Apache through tough terrain, while a JCB limited-slip differential allows for sharper turns and better traction.


Heavier machines consume more fuel. Ever wondered what makes them heavier in the first place? Typically, it’s due to additional parts and components that you may someday have to replace. More horsepower is required to move that machine and its chemical product load. Lighter sprayers like the Apache get the same job done – while using less horsepower and fuel – and create less soil compaction for increased crop yields.

Apache Sprayers mechanical-drive, with patented POWER-TO-THE-GROUND™ technology, delivers more horsepower where and when you need it most”.

Equipment Technologies Research and Development


Simplicity and reliability, that is what you get with Apache Sprayers. In fact, our Cummins Performance Series V engines are simple to maintain and they get more done while costing you less to operate.  The Performance Series V engines are featured in the Apache AS850AS1050, and AS1250/XP. The AS650 and HS1100 feature the Tier4 final engines from Cummins. The partnership between Cummins and Apache allows the already fuel-efficient Apaches to become even greater energy misers on the farm – cutting fuel consumption by 8 – 15% across all models.



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