A Case of Equipment Colorblindness DEC. 6 2018 Tractors By Tharran E. Gaines SHARE

When it comes to farm equipment, Pat Urban says he is what you would call “colorblind.” Fact is, he and his brother, Mike, have already owned farm equipment in six different colors from five different brands. Most recently, though, he’s become a fan of tractors that are Massey Ferguson® red. “Dad pretty much grew up with John Deere tractors, before trading for a couple other brands,” Urban relates. “However, Dad and I were in the process of looking for another tractor, when I just happened to run into Mitch Merz from Merz Farm Equipment in Fall City, Nebraska. So, I asked Dad if he wanted to put in a bid on a high-horsepower tractor.

“I was a little skeptical and really quizzed Mitch about the service, since their dealership is about an hour away,” Urban adds. “But I have to admit, if we’ve had any trouble at all, they’ve had somebody here right away.” Thanks to the service and an appreciation for the tractor’s features—what turned out to be the Urbans’ first Massey Ferguson, an MF8732—the brothers purchased an MF8670 tractor from Merz a few months later. “I love the CVT transmission,” Urban says about his two tractors. “It’s really the only true CVT out there.

“Both [tractors] also have the front axle suspension, so they really ride smooth.” Noting that the two Massey Fergusons are used on everything from a 16-row planter and grain carts to an anhydrous applicator and vertical tillage machine, Urban says he also has been pleased with the fuel efficiency.

This new iron isn’t the first Massey Ferguson tractor the Urban family has owned, however. Before his dad passed away, the Urbans also owned an older MF1130, and his dad used to restore antique tractors. “He had a few Massey tractors, including a Ferguson Model TO-35 with the green belly,” he says. Like Massey Ferguson did back then, it seems the Urbans have introduced some new colors on their equipment, too.


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