The Gazeeka WeatherBox takes real-time, onsite weather information from the field to your phone in an instant. Consisting of a multitude of sensors, GPS, 3G mobile connection and various mounting options, the WeatherBox is purpose build for both stationary and mobile applications.

With the design, tooling and injection moulding all done here in Australia – you know they are built tough.



Temperature Degrees Celsius +/- 2.0 (30 seconds) Relative Humidity Percent +/- 3.0 (8 seconds) Irradiance (Pyranometer) 2 Watts / Metre² Range 0 to 2,000 Half sensitivity width 425 to 700 Nano metres Barometric pressure hPa 300 to 1100 +/- 1 hPA Accelerometer (slope) degrees +/- 1 degree GPS accuracy Metres +/- 2.5 (approximately) GPS response time seconds (cold start) 32 Wind speed Minimum * Metres / second (km/h) 0.7 (2.0) Wind speed Maximum * Metres / second (km/h) 70 (250) Wind speed accuracy * Metres / second (km/h) +/- 1 (4) (from 10 to 50 km/h) * Wind speed is an average vector for 10 minutes (See how it works section of the manual)


Dew Point Degrees Celsius +/- 2 Fire Danger Index (FDI) No dimensions Based on parameter inputs Note: The accuracy of the FDI cannot be guaranteed on a moving vehicle, even if the system uses the relative wind vector and vehicle movement vector from the GPS signal to calculate the true wind speed.


Protection IP IP65 Humidity % relative humidity 0 to 100 non condensing Vibration G’s 10 to 100 Hz, 0.5mm 0 to 2.5 Shock G’s 3 times in 3 directions 5 Temperature degrees Celsius 0 to 60 (32-140F)


Voltage Volts 12.0 to 14.5 Current (Run mode on charge) 115mA Average (170mA when transmitting) Current (Remote mode) 90mA Average (115mA when transmitting) Current (Low mode) 80mA Average (115mA when transmitting) Current (flat mode) 30mA Average Maximum disconnect voltage Volts 30V (load dumping) (for 500 milli seconds)



  • Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Wind Speed (corrected for vehicle movement)
  • Wind Direction (corrected for vehicle movement)
  • Barometric Pressure
  • GPS Location
  • Movement Detection
  • Slope (used for Forest FDI)
  • Orientation (reference to magnetic north)
  • Tractor Battery Voltage Level
  • Tipping Rain Gauge Input for Stationary Applications
  • Optional Solar Radiation Sensor
  • Calculates FDI (Grassland or Forest)
  • Dew Point
  • Delta T
  • Heat Stress Calculations

App Features

  • Setup Push Notification Alerts
  • Bluetooth Link to WeatherBox
  • Display Current Status
  • Input Local Settings
  • Retrieve Historical Data
  • Display Location
  • Setup Account


  • Remote and Local Indication of Fire Danger Index
  • Remote Indication of Hay Baling Conditions
  • Local Indication more Accurate than Distant Fixed Stations
  • Push Notification Alerts (with alarm function)


An annual subscription allows the data to be sent to a server via cellular link. The data is then made available via an App (iPhone or Android) using a Username and Password.


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