TMT 55 XT 4W


The TMT 55 XT 4W truck-mounted forklift is designed for single-side loading for logistics professionals, particularly those working in the construction sector. It enables you to deliver materials to customers who don’t have loading/unloading bays, or with sites not accessible by paved roads. The bi-directional mode means you can move the forklift sideways, which is useful when you have to park the lorry on the side of the road or alongside a wall or other lorry. Designed to last, the TMT 55 XT 4W is built using robust components, for maximum cost effectiveness and minimum payload.

ModelTMT 55 XT 4W
Max. lifting height135 in
Height telescopic boom extended154 in
Length to face of forks9 ft 7 in
Overall width8 ft 5 in
Forks section / width / length2 in x 4 in / 48 in
Max. outreach52 in
Turning radius103 in


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