The Claw is a great way to handle two packs of bales at once both safely and securely. The 16 hooks grab and clamp onto the face of Bale Baron bundles and large square bales with a tight hold, allowing precision control and placement. The backguard ensures additional safety while handling two bundles or can be removed for handling
single bundles in tight spaces. The Claw works especially well for loading and unloading van trailers where clearance on the sides could be an issue.

Model NumberBG42
Number of Hooks16
BackguardRemovable, standard
Handling Capacity2 bundles/large square bales
Unit WeightN/A
3rd Loader Function RequiredYes


Baler Spear – Optional Add On

Give your Claws spears. Designed to work with The Claw, Mega Claw and Maxi Claw this bolt on spear attachment comes equipped with three spears positioned strategically to avoid contact with the hooks. Offering the versatility of moving bundles in both the upright and flipped over positions, the spear attachment flips out of the way and bolts into place when not in use.

SkidSteer Extension Mount – Optional Add On

Extends the loader mounting bracket 24” from the grapple to increase reach across a trailer with a skid loader.

Forklift Extension Mount – Optional Add On

Mount for grapple to fit forklift. Fits forklift tines up to 5.5” wide, 2.5” high, 42” long.


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