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Introducing the new Swing-Max Power Hitch with Auto Guidance – the first fully automated steering system for in-field baling and on-road travel. Now, with one operator and one tractor, you can double your small bale productivity. By splitting your tractor’s existing PTO power into two, you can now operate an additional baler for more bales in less time.

3200 Series No PTO OutputsAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
3200D Series 540 rpm PTO Outputs Front & BackAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
3200M Series 1000 rpm PTO Outputs Front & BackN/AAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Working Width20 ft24 ft.28 ft.32 ft.36 ft.
Dimension A38 ft. (1158 cm)43 ft., 6 in. (1326 cm)49 ft. (1494 cm)54 ft., 6 in. (1661 cm)60 ft. (1829 cm)
Dimension B4 ft. (122 cm)4 ft. (122 cm)4 ft. (122 cm)4 ft. (122 cm)4 ft. (122 cm)
Dimension C8 ft., 11 in. (272 cm)8 ft., 11 in. (272 cm)8 ft., 11 in. (272 cm)8 ft., 11 in. (272 cm)8 ft., 11 in. (272 cm)
Dimension D23 ft. (701 cm)27 ft. (823 cm)31 ft. (945 cm)35 ft (1067 cm)39 ft. (1189 cm)
Dimension E28 ft. (854 cm)32 ft. (975 cm)36 ft. (1097 cm)40 ft. (1219 cm)43 ft., 6 in. (1326 cm)
Dimension F9 ft. (274 cm)9 ft. (274 cm)9 ft. (274 cm)9 ft. (274 cm)9 ft. (274 cm)
Dimension G10 ft., 4 in. (315 cm)10 ft., 4 in. (315 cm)10 ft., 4 in. (315 cm)10 ft., 4 in. (315 cm)10 ft., 4 in. (315 cm)
Dimension H4 ft. (122 cm)4 ft. (122 cm)4 ft. (122 cm)4 ft. (122 cm)4 ft. (122 cm)
Optional Auto GuidanceAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable


Inline Road Travel

When it’s time to hit the road, position the Swing-Max to be in-line with the tractor. For safety at higher speeds, the rear axle automatically locks into position and the Swing-Max now behaves similar to a long trailer.

LED Lights

When it’s baling season, the work doesn’t stop when the sun sets. The Swing-Max comes standard with super bright LED lights, ready to keep working when the sun goes down.


Hydraulic remote couplers are located for both balers allowing you to control baler functions from the tractor.

Up To 36 Foot Boom

The massive reach of the Swing-Max boom (up to 36 feet) makes it a versatile tool in the field. When work is done Swing-Max swings the second baler inline for easy single file travel. The steerable second baler dolly lets you take control of corners.

Fold Out Legs

Swing-Max is mounted to your tractor via Cat 2 3-point hitch and PTO. Storage is made easy with heavy duty integrated legs that fold out of the way and allow quick safe hook ups.

Hydraulic Pass-Through Gear Box

The heavy duty pass-through gearbox with a 1000 RPM input shaft and 540 RPM output shaft, delivers PTO power from your tractor to the first baler. The second baler is driven by a hydraulic PTO motor.

Full Control Cornering

The first baler follows the tractors path while the second baler is attached to the swing arm and controlled from in the cab. The swing arm’s wheeled dolly is controlled hydraulically giving you control in tight headlands and on the road.

Electrical Plugs

The Swing-Max has auxiliary electrical plugs that run to the balers to operate baler fans and hay preservative applicators.


Auto Guidance LiDAR System

Featuring LiDAR technology, the optional auto guidance systems continuously scans the terrain ahead, latches onto the windrow and automatically straddles it to the very end. All you need to do is drive the tractor, auto guidance does the rest. On uneven or gathered windrows, fine-tune steering adjustments can be made for precision centering.

Auto Guidance: Preset Windrow Distance

By following the preset windrow distance, up to 36-feet offset, Swing-Max automatically calculates when to make its turn. As the second baler approaches the upcoming windrow, Swing-Max automatically finds it.

Automatic Turning Radius

When it’s time to hit the road, press one button and Swing-Max re-positions itself in-line with the tractor. Still operating automatically, Auto Guidance follows the path of the tractor and calculates the optimal turning radius.

Pivoting In Headlands

With Auto Guidance, pivoting in the headlands is now very simple. By following the preset windrow distance, Swing-Max now automatically calculates when to make it’s turn.


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