Sunflower 9831-30NT


Working width of 30′

The Sunflower 9831NT Series single-disc air drill is the most productive seeding tool available. The 9831NT is designed to seed into the entire range of soil conditions from no-till with heavy residue to soft, fluffy conventional till. It is also designed with fewer moving parts to minimize maintenance downtime and engineered with simplified seed-depth control for easy operation.

Capacity-Front Hopper bu (L)105 (3,700)
Capacity-Rear Hopper bu (L)70 (2,500)
Working width ft (m)30 (9.14)
Transport width ft (m)11.5 (3.5)
Transport height ft (m)13.13 (4.0)
Weight lbs (kg)24,400 (11,091)
Power requirements hp225-325


9831NT Single-Disc Air Drill Features

• On-board Tanks
• Dedicated Product Metering
• Meter Access
• Depth Control
• Wireless Blockage Monitoring
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