Sunflower 6631-33


Working widths from 20’ 2” to 37’ 5”

The next generation Sunflower 6631 Vertical Tillage Tool uses Saber Blades™, which are exclusive to Sunflower. Saber Blades pair a fluted design with a low concavity that creates a soil lifting action that can’t be duplicated by a conventional spherical disc blade. Each blade has twenty-five full depth flutes and features an innovative saw tooth design that maintains its cutting edge, allowing it to cut through tough crop residue throughout the life of the blade. Sunflower Saber Blades keep cutting heavy residue long after the competitor’s blades have dulled beyond effectiveness. Unlike many competitors’ vertical tillage tools, Sunflower vertical tillage tool attachments are included in the Sunflower 3-Year Limited Warranty.

Working width ft (m)32’ 6” (9.9)
Transport width ft (m)17’ 5” (5.3)
Transport height ft (m)15’ 0” (4.6)
Weight lbs (kg)20,957 (9,506)
Power requirements9 to 11 hp/ft


6631 Three-Section Vertical Tillage Features

• Sunflower Saber Blades
• Narrow 7.5” Blade Spacing
• Soil Conditioning Reel
• Hydraulic Self-Leveling
• “Service-Free” UHMW material used throughout
• 3-Year Limited Warranty

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