Sunflower 6221-20


Working widths from 17’ 4” to 20’ 4”

Perform your discing, incorporation, cultivating, and field finishing in one tillage pass. Don’t accept poor germination when the solution is seed bed preparation. The Sunflower 6221 Land Finisher can enhance seed-to-soil contact and create a favorable environment for early root growth. The 6221 is designed for smaller tractors but delivers large performance.

Working width ft (m)20’-4” (6.2)
Transport width ft (m)21’ (6.4)
Transport height ft (m)13’-1” (4.0)
Weight lbs (kg)9,315 (4,225)
Power requirements8 to 10 hp/ft


6221 Land Finisher Features

• Loaded with features to help comply with today’s residue management requirements
• Self centering hitch, moves the land finisher over so the unit is centered behind the tractor during transport
• Folds Hydraulically to a narrow width of 13′ 6“ or 15′ 4“ for a safe transport between fields
• Single point depth control prevents the need to climb on the frames to set the hydraulic cylinders for a depth adjustment
• The unique disc gang reel is located directly behind the disc gang and provides four important actions:
1. Pulverizes soils and clods
2. Thoroughly incorporates chemicals
3. Vigorously mixes soil and residue
4. Prevents lateral movement of the soil. Eliminates ridging.
• Disc gangs features 20“ diameter conservation blades with 1 5/16“ concavity
• Disc blades spaced at 7 1/2“ and are preset to an 8 degree cutting angle
• Disc gangs features self aligning flangette bearing that are triple sealed and greaseable
• 1 3/4“ diameter gang shafts and steel spools ensure precise alignment of the entire disc gang
• Spring Tension or 2-piece “S“ tine shanks
• Disc gangs can be adjusted from 1“ below the sweeps to 5“ above
• 17′ and 20′ working widths
• A transport safety light kit and SMV emblem are standard on all Sunflower equipment


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