Sunflower 4610-09


Working widths from 14’ to 26’

The Sunflower 4600 Series Disc Rippers are equipped with two ranks of large 28-inch individually mounted disc blades to aggressively size and incorporate heavy crop residue. Autoreset parabolic shanks are narrowly spaced (24 inches) to shatter soil compaction thoroughly. Complete your 4600 with a choice of finishing attachments designed to produce the field finish you want. This triple combination makes the 4600 Series Disc Ripper a very versatile tool.

Working width ft (m)18’ (5.5)
Transport width ft (m)19’ 7” (6.0)
Transport height ft (m)7’ 0” (2.1)
Weight lbs (kg)20,118 (9,125)
Power requirements40 to 50 hp per shank


4610 and 4630 Disc Rippers Features

• Self-Leveling All-Welded Frame
• Self-Leveling Clevis
• Hydraulic Jack Stand
• Independent Disc Gangs
• Auto-Reset Parabolic Shanks
• Walking Tandem Wheels
• Multiple Finishing Attachments
• 7, 9, 11 and 13 Shank Models
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