Sunflower 4412-5


Working widths from 12’ 5” and 17’ 6”

Designed for deep tillage to a depth of 18 inches, the Sunflower 4412 Disc Ripper Disc effectively sizes and incorporates crop residue, while shattering hardpan, for better water and nutrient intake. Equipped with the HD coil tine harrow option leaves the soil nearer to seedbed conditions.The 4412 is built around the proven performance of the staggered front- and rear-gang design, which leaves the field surface smooth and ridge-free. A set of HD auto-reset shanks with 3,500 lb. point load ensure that the unit maintains the desired working depth. The unique independently mounted front-disc gang allows for independent adjustment from the cab of the tractor. The Sunflower 4412 is an exceptional combo primary tillage tool requiring less horsepower per shank than many competitors.

ModelWorking width ft (m)Transport width ft (m)Transport height ft (m)Weight lbs (kg)Power requirements
4412-512.5’ (3.8)15’-5” (4.7)N/A13,615 (6,176)40 to 50 hp per shank
4412-517.5’ (5.3)17’-4” (5.3)N/A16,200 (7,348)40 to 50 hp per shank


4412 Disc Ripper Disc Features

• Frame
• Hitch
• Depth Control
• Shanks
• Wheels & Tires
• Floating Hitch & Gauge Wheels
• Finishing Attachments
• 5 or 7 Shank Models
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