Sunflower 4233-21


Working widths from 21’ 3” to 28’ 9”

The Sunflower 4200 Series primary tillage tools remove soil compaction while opening up the surface for improved water intake and reduced erosion. The Sunflower 4233 Coulter Chisel completely fractures hardpans and eliminates soil compaction to a depth of 12 inches; with the chisels on 15-inch centers, it can fracture soil structures that wider shank spacings miss. With the coulters on 7.5 inches, the crop residues left on the soil surface are chopped to pass easily through the alternately 15-inch spaced chisels. The 4233 covers a lot of acres in the short window of opportunity that large-acreage operations with higher horsepower tractors require.

Working width ft (m)26’-3” (8)
Transport width ft (m)14’-6” (4.4)
Transport height ft (m)13’-1” (4)
Weight lbs (kg)14,364 (6,515) | 16,443 (7,458)*
Power requirements20 to 25 hp per shank


4233 Flexible-Frame Coulter Chisels Features

• Frame
• Hitch
• Depth Control
• Shanks
• Wheels & Tires
• Floating Hitch & Gauge Wheels
• Finishing Attachments
• Models from 13’ to 47’
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