Sunflower 1550-50


Working widths from 47’ to 50’

With working widths up to 50 feet, Sunflower 1550 Series Five Section Disc Harrows can cover more than 30 acres per hour and still provide unmatched flexibility over uneven terrain. Built with the strength to handle highhorsepower tractors it also boasts over 650 pounds per foot or 230 plus pounds per blade to cut through tough crop residue and packed soil.
When time is short and the fields are large, the 1550 is the obvious answer.

Working width ft (m)49’ 6”
Transport width ft (m)18’ 2” (5.5)
Transport height ft (m)13’ 11” (4)
Est weight lbs (kg)33,300 (15,105)
Weight per ft of cut lbs (kg)666 (302)
Power requirements10 to 12 hp/ft


1550 Five-Section Flexible Disc Harrows Features

• 30 acres per hour
• Five-section flexibility
• Duplex wing hinges
• Walking triple tandems
• 238 pounds per blade
• Narrow transport


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