Sunflower 1544-42


Working widths of 42’ and 44’ 9”

Built for today’s large acreage discing, the Sunflower 1544 Disc is available in working widths of 42′ and 45′ and includes single-point front-mounted depth controls and improved clearance, both in the field and on the road. Six pairs of walking tandems provide excellent weight distribution and flotation. The lift system pivots on maintenance-free UHMW plastic sleeves that totally eliminate greasing. Sunflower’s 1544 offers unmatched flexibility in rolling terrain or terraced ground and no daily maintenance means more time in the field.
If you are looking for large disc performance that offers small disc flexibility, see how the Sunflower 1544 Disc can fit your operation.

Working width ft (m)42’ (12.8)
Transport width ft (m)22’-2” (6.8)
Transport height ft (m)14’-7” (4.5)
Est weight lbs (kg)27,200 (12,338)
Weight per ft of cut lbs (kg)648 (294)
Power requirements10 to 12 hp/ft


1544 Four-Section Disc Harrows Features

• Exclusive four-section design is unmatched in rolling terrain or terraces
• C-Flex™ bearing standards absorb disc gang shock prolonging bearing and frame life
• Self-aligning Trunnion gang bearings feature triple lip seals that cannot be damaged by daily greasing
• Each half of the disc is leveled independently with the self leveler
• Maintenance-free lift system utilizes UHMW sleeves that eliminate greasing
• Walking tandems are standard on the center section and the wings
• Available in 42′ and 45′ widths
• Safety light kit and SMV sign are standard


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