Sunflower 1444-36


Working widths from 30’ 6” to 40’

The Sunflower 1444 Disc features four-section flexibility for unmatched ground hugging capabilities. The unique linkage system allows each half of the unit to function independently, not only from side to side, but also from front to rear. Consider the flexibility of the 1444 from Sunflower. It will provide you with unmatched performance in rolling terrain or terraced ground and provide the extra protection needed in rocky soils.

Working width ft (m)36’ (11)
Transport width ft (m)19’-9” (6.1)
Transport height ft (m)13’-8” (4.2)
Est weight lbs (kg)20,014 (9,078)
Power requirements10 to 12 hp/ft


1444 Four-Section Disc Harrows Features

• Each half of unit functions independently
• C-Flex™ bearing hangers absorb disc gang shock and prolong bearing and frame life
• Narrow tongue allows much shorter turning radius
• Capable of primary through finish discing operations
• Independent front to rear leveling is simple with conveniently located self leveler
• Single point depth control on each center section allows you to fine tune the disc for optimum performance
• Walking tandems on the wings and center sections prevent frame bounce and uneven penetration
• Safety light kit and SMV sign are standard

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