Sunflower 1321-12


Working widths from 12’ 10” to 19’ 9”

Sunflower introduced the first flexible-offset disc to the American farmer in 1968. With over 50 years of disc building experience, Sunflower knows what it takes to make them work. Today, capable of performing primary through finish discing operations and loaded with performance enhancing features, the Sunflower 1300 Series Disc from Sunflower can increase your efficiency with each tillage pass. See why the Sunflower 1300 Series is the best flexible-offset disc on the market.

Working width ft (m)12’-10”
Transport width ft (m)9’-1”
Transport height ft (m)10’-10”
Est weight lbs (kg)6,257
Weight per ft of cut lbs (kg)521
Power requirements8 to 10 hp/ft


1321 Flexible Offset Disc Harrows Features

• 2- and 3-section design flexes with rolling terrain and terraces
• Capably handles primary through finish discing
• C-Flex™ bearing standards absorb disc gang shock and prolong bearing and frame life
• Adjustable hitch allows disc to be pulled straight in any field condition
• Individual wheel adjustments allows the frame to be leveled to meet existing field conditions
• Unique swivel linkage allows each frame to flex freely as the machine conforms to different ground contours or as the wings are folded
• Safety light kit and SMV are standard equipment

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