Sunflower 1234-27


Working widths from 18’ 11” to 32’ 8“

The model 1234 Disc Harrow is a medium weight disc that capably handles primary through finish discing operations. An all welded frame features even weight distribution for uniform penetration, and the three flexible sections assure that rough, rolling and terraced ground will be tilled evenly and smoothly. Large tires provide excellent flotation, unmatched depth control and the base for level discing.

Like all Sunflower discs, the 1234 is loaded with features that give it a definite edge over competitive brands. These features will save you time and enable the 1234 to always provide a level job of discing, regardless of terrain, discing depth, and/or soil condition.

Working width ft (m)27’-2” (8.9)
Transport width ft (m)<16’ (4.9)
Transport height ft (m)12’-7” (3.9)
Est weight lbs (kg)13,583 (6,161)
Weight per ft of cut lbs (kg)510 (231)
Power requirements8 to 10 hp/ft


1234 Three-Section Tandem Disc Harrows Features

• A medium weight disc that capably handles primary through finish discing
• Three-section design ensures a level job of discing regardless of terrain
• C-Flex™ bearing standards absorb disc gang shock and prolong bearing and frame life
• Self aligning Trunnion gang bearings feature triple lip seals that cannot be damaged by daily greasing
• Overlapping disc gangs prevent ridging in the center
• Self-leveling hitch simplifies leveling the disc from front to rear
• Front mounted depth control adjusts the operating depth of the entire machine
• Widths available from 18′ to 32’
• Safety light kit and SMV sign are standard equipment

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