Staheli DEWPOINT 331



Consistency in every bale is now possible with a DewPoint 331. The DewPoint 331 produces steam, which is injected into the hay during the baling process. The steam softens the hay and allows farmers to make quality hay all hours of the day and night without the need for natural dew.



More Productivity: Typically, baling with steam allows farmers to bale high-quality hay for 12-24 hours per day. Being able to open up the baling window means that 1 DewPoint setup can typically replace 2-4 conventional baler setups. Being more productive with less equipment and manpower means less capital, fewer maintenance expenses, and lower labor costs.

Reduced Crop Loss: There is nothing worse for a hay producer than to have nice, green, leafy hay on the ground and not be able to put it up with proper moisture conditions. Many farmers are forced to bale dry hay for many reasons. Baling hay too dry shatters the crop material and increases leaf loss. With steam you will NEVER bale hay too dry again!

Better Flakes: One of the things producers and hay buyers notice instantly is that steamed hay feels different than hay baled with dew. Flake conformation on steamed hay is superior to that of hay baled with dew. When feeding horses or livestock, you will notice that the flakes hold together very well during handling and feeding.

Dust Reduction: Dusty hay can cause harm to the respiratory systems of horses. In fact, some horse farms use small steamer boxes to steam each bale as they feed it to their horses to minimize hay dust. Using the DewPoint 331 to bale hay in the field reduces hay dust in the bale. Even in grasses, where dust is an issue, baling with the DewPoint 331 Steamer dramatically decreases the amount of dust in the hay. Being able to market this aspect of your product could go a long way with some of your equine customers.

Increased Round Bale Density: If you are using steam to bale round bales, you can expect to produce a leafier bale with higher density. Through our preliminary round bale testing, we have seen exceptional leaf retention and bale density increases.

Higher Hay Quality: With the exception of extreme weather events and rain, baling with steam will essentially eliminate lower grades of hay. Even with some rain damage, farmers using the DewPoint 331 are still able to produce a leafy Grade 2 hay or better. Some of our small bale customers say they have very little grade 3 and 4 hay now. Being able to produce a large amount of premium and grade 1 hay with steam has significant financial benefits.


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