Shear Grab


  • Boxed structure, rigidity & longevity.
  • Body made of high resistance steels.
  • Heavy duty teeth for easy penetration.
  • Lateral shears for a good pit penetration & clean cutting.
  • Increased cylinder diameter for more power.
  • Bolt-on cutting teeth for easy maintenance (except SHG 1700/850: welded).
  • Suitable for any type of silage.
  • Efficient and accurate cutting of the silage pit.
  • Very clean silage pit face avoiding secondary fermentation.
  • Powerful attachment for a fast cutting.
  • Closed structure to limit material losses (except SHG 1700/850).
Weight2064 lb
Content capacity475 gal
Number of teeth11


  • Suitable for any type of silage
  • Very clean silage face avoiding secondary fermentation
  • Bolt-on tines for easy maintenance
  • Lateral shear for easy cutting operations
  • Heavy duty teeth for easy penetration


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