Roofer Platform


  • Capacity from 365 to 1000 kg.
  • Slewing platform +/- 90° on both sides.
  • Safe: front opening only when a direct contact is made with the roof + can be moved only if the front part is closed.
  • Legally approved for 3 persons
  • Presence sensor forbidding any movement after door opening.
  • Overload sensor.
  • Physical sensor allowing door opening only if roof contact.
  • Cutting edge platforms designed for roof work.
  • Secured platform.
  • Non-slip metal flooring.
  • Heavy duty and galvanised structure for an improved longevity.
  • Platform NC: large 3,5 m working width.
  • Roomy platform: can lift a pallet (Euro) even when folded.
Weight2028.3 lb
Weight capacity2204.6 lb
Carriage capacity (no. of people)3
E-Reco compatible (attachment recognition system)Yes


  • Maximum safety in people lifting
  • Cutting edge platform design for roof work
  • Legally approved for 3 persons
  • Safety: front opening only if roof contact
  • Overload and roofs presence sensors
  • Non-slip metal flooring


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