RoGator RG1100C



A lot has changed since we conceived the uniquely professional-grade, self-propelled sprayer in 1969. But one thing hasn’t. Since the beginning, we’ve worked closely with ag retailers and professional producers to develop agricultural innovations to help them run a more profitable operation.

From the industry-exclusive LiquidLogic system to the sophisticated AWD SmartDrive system to the simple, intuitive AccuTerminal operational platform that controls all chassis and machine functions, this sprayer is designed to deliver more precise application in less time, with less wear on the machine and operator.

Std Volume Liquid System gpm186
High Volume Liquid System gpm299
Booms90/100/120 (27.4/30.5/36.6) Stdn120/132 (36.6/40.2) aluminum boom
Dry systemNew Leader® & Edge spinner and MultApplier Ready or MultApplier Complete
LiquidLogic Liquid Management FlowLogic Recirculating BoomNozzleLogic™ at-nozzle shut-off; OptiLoad™ level sensor, keypad w/ display and in-terminal readout; OptiMotion™ auto-scaled agitation; Opt. ClearFlow™ boom clean out/recovery
Engine HP @ 2,100 RPM (kW)315 (235)


Precision Liquid Application
• When we set out to redefine the RoGator, we started with the liquid system. We call it LiquidLogic™. Our goal was simple: reduce crop damage for the agronomist, be more precise with product for the accountant, and more productive every day for the boss. And if you are one of those, this is your machine.
The Precise Prescription For Any Crop
• The more accurately you can apply dry product, the more your investment in every single crop can pay off. Uniform, precision placement means less variability from plant to plant. Crops aren’t overfed. Or starved. Each one is treated just right.
• The AWD SmartDrive drive system practically runs itself, independently controlling each wheel, to maintain consistent torque and traction. The tractor management system (TMS) automatically ramps up engine speed when more power is needed, ramps down when running is easier. This system delivers precise application, thrifty fuel consumption and a less fatigued operator.
Easy To Operate
• Today, operators come with a wide range of experience. No worries. The RoGator C Series is built for all of them. When we say it’s easy to learn and easy to run, we’re not kidding. It’s built on a simple, intuitive operating platform that’s as smart as your phone and just as easy to use.


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