RoGator RG1300B


The first RoGator was conceived in Jackson, MN in 1969, a uniquely self-propelled machine designed to improve upon the inconsistent, watered-down applications of row crop sprayers of that day. It was a humble, yet bold, innovation. And with it, an industry was born.

Since then, we’ve worked relentlessly to constantly improve upon those humble beginnings, listening to and learning from the application professionals who have made us the most popular application equipment in the world today.

Our newest RoGator Series raises the bar yet again. With advanced engineering and unique technology, these sprayers are more efficient, more productive and more reliable than ever before. The result? You get the highest-precision application of liquid and dry product that leads to consistently better fields and better yields.

That’s a promise that hasn’t changed in more than 45 years.

EngineAGCO Power AP84-4
Engine HP339 (253kW) @ 2100 rpm
Liquid System1,300 gal (4,921 L) Tank
Dry SystemAirMax 180; New Leader Spinner 258 ft3 (7.3 m3 ) or 299 ft3 (8.5 m3 ), MultApplier Ready or MultApplier Complete
Max Flow278 gpm
Booms90, 100, 120 ft. (27.4/30.5/36.6 m) with standard stainless steel plumbing. Optional poly plumbing for 20 in. (.5 m) spacing


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