Rib Handling Clamp


  • Capacity 2000 kg or 4000 kg.
  • 45° hydraulic arm movement.
  • 65°/65° manual head rotation.
  • Wide hydraulic clamp opening: min/ beam width 120 mm, max. 450 mm.
  • Note: 906734 ref is equipped with cab and radio control steering. 882008 if cab steering only.
  • Note: dedicated machine option required.



  • MRT Vision/ Vision+: no machine equipment required.
  • MRT Vision/ Vision+: adaptation plug required to use and older model on the machines. Contact the spare part department.


  • THE clamp for all rib handlings & placements.
  • Efficient & accurate rib placement.
  • Safety: prevents from suspending ribs on forks or hooks.
  • To be controled from the machine’s cab or with a remote control.
  • Note: rib placement with a vertical attachment only. Ribs can be grabbed on the ground using the machine’s titling.
Weight992 lb
Weight capacity8818 lb
E-Reco compatible (attachment recognition system)Yes


  • THE clamp for all rib handlings and placements.
  • Hydraulic arm movement and manual head rotation for a maximized accuracy.
  • Wide hydraulic clamp opening : min. beam width 120mm, max. 450mm.

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