• Move dirt, grade driveways, and clear snow
  • Formed moldboard made from high-strength steel provides exceptional rigidity and pivots 360 degrees
  • Reversible, bolt-on cutting edge adds to product life and enables easy replacement
  • Tilt and offset functions for advanced grading applications
  • Fast, easy, and safe hook-ups with ASABE Quick Hitch compatibility
  • Optional skid shoes for depth control
  • Optional parking stand for easier attachment
Tractor Engine HP20-45
Tractor HitchCAT 1
Working Width (in)71
Approximate Weight (lbs)288
Moldboard Height (in)15
Moldboard Thickness (in)0.250 (grade 80)
Reversible Cutting Edge Dimensions (in)0.5 x 6
Skid ShoesOptional
ASABE Quick-hitch CompatibleYes
Parking StandOptional
Angle Adjustments5 positions up to 30 degrees
Tiltup to 15 degrees
Offset (in)up to 12 left or right
End PlatesOptional


  • 72-inch moldboard length
  • Three-point hitch: Cat 1
  • Tractor Engine HP: 20-45 hp
  • Tilt up to 15°
  • Offset up to 12” left or right
  • Reversible, bolt-on cutting edge
  • Optional skid shoes, parking stand and end plates
  • ASABE quick-hitch compatibility

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