Double up with the Power Linx – Dual Power Hitch

Bale twice as much with one less man and one less tractor. The Power Linx takes PTO power from one tractor and splits it in two. Your tractor now easily operates two balers at once getting you out of the field in half the time – saving on labour and equipment cost.

ModelPower Linx Dual
Dimension A8 ft, 4 in (254 cm)13 ft, 4 in (406 cm)15 ft, 4 in (467 cm)
Dimension B4 ft, 9 in (146 cm)5 ft, 4 in (162 cm)5 ft, 9 in (406 cm)
Dimension CMin 10 ft (305 cm)Min 10 ft (305 cm)Min 10 ft (305 cm)
Dimension DMax 18 ft (549 cm)Max 28 ft (853 cm)Max 32 ft (978 cm)
Dimension E25 ft, 6 in (778 cm)35 ft, 6 in (1082 cm)39 ft, 7 in (1207 cm)
Dimension F11 ft (337 cm)16 ft (488 cm)18 ft (551 cm)
Dimension G9 ft, 3 in (281 cm)9 ft, 3 in (281 cm)9 ft, 3 in (281 cm)
Minimum Horse Power Required90 HP110 HP110 HP
Horse Power Rating150 HP150 HP150 HP
Quick Hitch CompatibleYesYesYes
PTO (Input)1000 RPM 1-3/8" -211000 RPM 1-3/8" -211000 RPM 1-3/8" -21
PTO (Output)540 RPM 1-3/8" -13540 RPM 1-3/8" -13540 RPM 1-3/8" -13
Hitch3PH Cat 2 and Cat 33PH Cat 2 and Cat 33PH Cat 2 and Cat 3
Remotes Required2 Remotes2 Remotes2 Remotes


Lift And Lock Feature

When you need to back up, lifting the 3PH will lock the dollies and keep them from turning. With this feature and independent hydraulic swing on the arms, this enables you to steer the balers while backing up.

Compact Design

The short coupled compact design allows for short cornering for better maneuverability on headlands. Swivel gearboxes take the power to the balers and also allow sharp turning with no driveline chattering for long life and trouble free operation. The trailing dolly design follows the ground contour well, enabling the baler pickup to make a clean sweep, it also allows for sharp cornering keeping balers in line with the swaths.

In-Field Adjustments At Hand

Both arms independently hydraulically swing and are controlled via tractor remotes. This gives you the power to adjust to varying field conditions to one or both arms while on the go.


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