Platform with Winch


  • 450 kg or 600 kg for platform + 450 kg or 300 kg for winch = 900 kg capacity in total.
  • 2 different winch capacity / platform capacity couples.
  • Hydraulic winch fitted on the rotating (manual) liftable (hydraulic) telescopic (manual) jib.
  • Slewing platform +/- 90° on both sides.
  • Legally approved for 3 persons.
  • Overload sensor on the platform + overload sensor on the winch.
  • Fork sleeves for yard handling.
  • Performance in cladding & maintenance applications.
  • Uncompromized safety + unbeaten efficiency.
  • Heavy duty and galvanized structure for an improved longevity.
  • Non-slip metal floor.
  • Expandable sides are independent.
  • Manual jib + winch positioning.
  • Hydraulic jib + winch lifting, prevents from the pulling the load in the basket.
Weight2590 lb
Weight capacity1322 lb
Carriage capacity (no. of people)3
Winch cable length98'5"
E-Reco compatible (attachment recognition system)Yes
Hook capacity661 lb


  • Winch mounted on hydraulic jib for more versatility
  • Legally approved for 3 persons
  • 2 different winch capacity / platform capacity couples


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