MI 30 G


The MI 30 G is a heat engine-powered masted forklift designed for intense industrial application both indoors and outdoors, sure to please both forklift operators and fleet managers with its innovative design. Adjustable and accessible controls, optimal visibility and security systems are just the starting point, with ease of maintenance, robustness and reliability included as standard issue as well.

The inching pedal feature provides a smooth and precise approach during maneuvers, for comfort and flexibility on a daily basis, whilst access to the driver’s position is made easier by the low footstep, doors on both sides and a large, sturdy handle grip on the left side.

Lifting height10'10"
Lifting capacity6600 lb
Drawbar pull
Moving speed11.16 mph
Mast inclination (front/rear)
Length (up to the back of the fork)7'3"
Total length (fork included)12'8"
Wheelbase length5'7"
Fork carriage width3'7"
Aisle width (with a 1000 x 1200 palette)13.58
Aisle width (with a 800 x 1200 palette)14.24
Weight (unladen)9878 lb
Front axle weight (laden)14432 lb
Front axle weight (unladen)3971 lb
Rear axle weight (laden)2046 lb
Rear axle weight (unladen)5907 lb
Turning radius8'1"
Ground clearance0'8"
Engine brandNissan
Engine type3B
Power35 KW
Number of cylinders4
Total capacity2488 cm3
Transmission typeTorque converter
Pressure160 bars
Standard tyresSuper-elastic
Number of wheels (front/rear)2/2
Number of drive wheels (front/rear)2/0
Number of steering wheels (front/rear)0/2
Standard mast typeDuplex
Free lift (standard mast, lowered)0'6"
Standard mast height (when raised)14'7"
Driving position noise levels80 dB


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