ME 420


See our line of extensive Masted Forklift Trucks from Manitou Group. Questions about this product? Contact us today for more information.

Lifting capacity4409 lb
Max reach21'4"
Drawbar pull
Moving speed8.7 mph
Mast inclination (front/rear)
Length (up to the back of the fork)7'8"
Total length (fork included)11'5"
Wheelbase length4'11"
Fork carriage width3'5"
Aisle width (with a 1000 x 1200 palette)12.3
Aisle width (with a 800 x 1200 palette)12.96
Weight (unladen)8818 lb
Front axle weight (laden)11817 lb
Front axle weight (unladen)4211 lb
Rear axle weight (laden)1411 lb
Rear axle weight (unladen)4608 lb
Turning radius6'11"
Ground clearance0'5"
Voltage48 V
Amperage700 Ah
Standard tyresSuper-elastic
Number of wheels (front/rear)2/2
Number of drive wheels (front/rear)2/0
Standard mast typeDuplex
Free lift (standard mast, lowered)0'6"
Standard mast height (when raised)11'12"


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