KB Fertilizer or Lime spreader


The Simonsen fertilizer slide keeps tight control of the material flow (from 100 to 1800 pounds per acre) giving you impressive accuracy and a flat spread pattern over the entire width of the spread pattern. Solid all-welded construction on top of a 3-inch I-beam frame guarantees a rugged body ready for many years of field use.
  • Twin fans with 21-inch wide conveyor apron and 45 degree slopes on sides.
  • Stainless steel used at critical corrosion points.
  • Conveyor is coordinated to ground speed regardless of truck gear or two speed selection.
  • Available with press-wheel drive or electronic controls.
  • Variable rate and GPS compatible.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic system powers both fans at constant RPM over a wide range of ground speeds.
  • Fifty-foot spread width for fertilizer and thirty-foot spread width for lime.
  • Several body sizes available to fit your chassis.
  • Fifty-foot spread width.
  • Stainless steel or mild steel models available.


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