Hopper Walker


Reduce the number of times you climb into your truck and say goodbye to back pain from pushing and pulling your swing hopper.

The Hopper Walker® is a 12-volt DC electric auger mover that mounts to your existing swing hopper. Use the remote control to position the hopper under your truck from the comfort of your cab. The Hopper Walker makes grain handling easier!

ModelHopper Walker
  • Stop Sensors The Stop Sensors mount to the spout head retainer of your auger and will automatically stop the hopper at either the home or unload position. Keep one hand on the wheel and one hand on the shifter as you position your truck because the Hopper Walker® will automatically position your hopper. Fine tune the hopper’s position using either the remote or the joystick.
  • Remote Control The industrial Remote Control fits in your hand and is easy to use while wearing gloves. The recessed buttons allow you to put the remote in your pocket without the fear of accidentally moving your hopper. The breakaway lanyard lets you keep the remote close but gives you peace of mind if it gets caught on something.
  • 12-VDC Motor The two 12-VDC motors are powered by your tractor. An 8-foot Fused Power Cable directly connects to your tractor’s battery. The outside motor is geared to run at a faster RPM than the inside motor. The keyed axle shafts are mounted through the hopper’s existing wheel holes using bushings, brackets, and lock collars. The wheels follow the factory hopper arc. The motors can be easily removed by loosening the anti-rotation bracket knob and sliding the motor off the axle shaft.
  • Drive from the outside If you’re using a hook or a rope, where do you attach it? The further you are from the pivot point the better your leverage, that’s why we placed our second drive motor on the outside of the hopper. The outside motor runs at a higher RPM than the inside motor and still travels in the factory hopper arc as determined by the existing axle holes in the auger.
  • Does not change the height of the hopper. The Hopper Walker® drive tires mount in the existing wheel holes, keeping your hopper truly low profile. This allows your hopper to flex on uneven ground, leaving at least one drive tire in contact with the ground at all times.


Easy Installation

  • No Drilling
  • Motors mount in existing axle holes
  • Control Center mounts with muffler clamp
  • Stop Sensors mount to spout head retainer

Which Hopper Walker Model is right for you?

Select from the 3 models available or contact your local dealer to help you select the right model.


The HM, Hopper Walker® Manual, is a Joystick only model.


With the H1 Model, we add one remote, work light, and motion beeper to the HM model. Position the hopper with the remote by pressing and holding the manual buttons. The auto buttons won’t function with the H1 model.


The H2 Model features everything in the H1 kit plus two stop sensors, a second remote, and the functionality of the auto buttons to allow for hands-free positioning of the hopper.


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