Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch


  • Hydraulic motor+ end of cable automatic movement stop.
  • Oil immersed negative break.
  • Double or quadruple line pull (according to type).
  • Homologated swivel self locking hook.
  • Winch strorage stand with sleeves for fork handling.
  • Note: dimensions below are given for winch placed on its stands.
  • Turns your telehandler into a crane.
  • Estremely fast implementation on the MANITOU carriage.
  • Easy steering from the cab or with the machine’s remote control (optional).
  • Fast and accurate movements.
Weight3417 lb
Winch cable length196'0"
Winch speed39'0"
E-Reco compatible (attachment recognition system)Yes
Hook capacity50706 lb
Hitch distance3.42


  •  Oil immersed negative brake for low running costs
  • Double / quadruple (for 12t and above) line pull winch for improved pulling effort
  • Standard cable guide for easy operation
  • Safety: homologated swivel self locking hook


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