Momentum’s design team are also farmers. The planter is designed for efficiency, accuracy and ease of operation. Eliminating required daily servicing and automating many of the traditional operator functions save growers’ time and reduce planting anxiety. Farming with precision is not just about disc openers and seed meters. Much of success and efficiency in planting comes from making it easier to run and maintain the planter. The easier it is to operate and service your planter, the more time you’ll save and performance you’ll achieve. This planter envisioned and designed by farmers. Momentum has the kinds of thoughtful additions they want.
MODEL FTPM16-30FTPM24-22FTPM24-22FTPM32-15FTPM24-30FTPM36-20FTPM36-22FTPM48-15
Rows / spacing in. (cm)16R 30 (76.2)24R 20 (50.8)24R 22 (55.88)32R 15 (38.1)24R 30 (76.2)36R 20 (50.8)36R 22 (55.88)48R 15 (38.1)
Est. weight (empty) lbs. (kg.) 23,000 (10,433)26,000 (11,793)26,000 (11,793)29,000 (13,154)29,000 (13,154)34,000 (15,422)34,000 (15,422)38,000 (17,237)
Hitch on planter 2-pt or drawbar Hitch on planter 2-pt or drawbar
Metering unitsMetering units vSet2 / vDrive®
SeedTube options Wave Vision SpeedTube
CFS capacity bu. (L)130 (4,581)
Liquid fertilizer gal. (L) 1,000 (3,785.4)
Transport width ft. (m)12 (3.65)
Transport height ft. (m) 12 (3.65)
Tractor HP5 MPH 10 MPH (8 –12 HP per row 10 –20 HP per row)
Hydraulic requirements GPM (LPM) 35–60 (132–227) 35–60 (132–227)


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