Fendt 500 Vario


The Fendt 500 Vario is the perfect all-round tractor that you can always depend on. Its strengths include traction, precision cultivation, excellent efficiency, comfortable and safe when transporting. By the time you come to use the front loader, you’ll see how maneuverable and manageable the tractor is. Your work will take on a new quality and provide excellent prospects thanks to these tractors. Fendt 500 Vario. Your ideal perspective.

Model500 Vario
512 Vario125 hp92 kW
513 Vario135 hp99 kW
514 Vario145 hp107 kW
516 Vario165 hp121 kW



Almost all options available

  • Super Comfort seat* and Comfort passenger seat
  • Hydraulic pump with 110/158 l* flow volume
  • Hydraulic plugs max. 5/2*
  • Front cornerlights with halogen
  • 170 Ah battery
  • White painted roof
  • Automatic steering axle lock*
  • Double-acting rear power lift*


All options available

  • Varioterminal 10.4” – touchscreen and key control
  • Documentation with TaskDoc
  • FendtGuide steering with multiple receiver options (Trimble/NovAtel)​
  • Slip control system using gears and GPS reading
  • VarioActive steering
  • Variable Rate Control (VRC)*
  • SectionControl*
  • Contour Assistant*



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