Extendable Jib


  • Capacity 600 kg @ 4 m/300 kg @ 5 m/100 kg @ 6 m.
  • Safety: homologated rotating truss hook.
  • Safety: self-locking, rotating homologated hook.
  • Easy and safe manual extension.
  • Integrated stabilizer for easy storage.
  • Simple & safe solution for the handling & the placement of roof trusses (packed or separated).
  • User-friendly: dedicated truss hook & standard hook allowing the use as an extension jib.
  • Maximum visibility during transport: adapted attachment design that allows driving the machine with a lowered machine boom.
  • Increased safety with the dedicated truss hook: no need to climb on the trusses to release them once placed.
  • Simple & durable attachment.
Weight401 lb
Hook capacity220 lb
Hitch distance19.17


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