Staheli DEWPOINT 6210


The DewPoint 6210 Hay Steamer generates steam which is used in the baling process. In many areas of the world, farmers struggle to get natural dew, which makes it hard to produce quality hay. Often, farmers are forced to bale dry hay, which will shatter the leaves. Baling hay too dry results in leaf loss, poor appearance, and ultimately lower value.

For decades farmers have dealt with the age-old problem of too little dew. Some farmers try and bale with stem moisture to compensate for their lack of dew, while others have tried spraying water on hay prior to baling. Baling with stem moisture can be risky and spraying water on cured hay requires more equipment and labor. Not to mention the fact that water doesn’t absorb into hay the way that steam does.

Steam is an extremely effective moisture medium for controlled hydration of hay during the baling process. Farmers using steam will realize greater leaf retention and bale weight, more consistency, and more control over their operation. Steam enables commercial hay growers to bale hay anytime the crop is sufficiently dry, without the need to wait for natural dew.

Bale Moisture is monitored continuously and adjustments to the steam injection rate are made by the machine operator as needed to maintain optimum bale moisture conditions at all times.

ModelDEWPOINT 6210
Overall Width11 ft; 3.35 m
Overall Length17.75 ft; 5.4 m
Overall Height11 ft; 3.35 m
Dry Weight17,000 lbs; 7,700 kg
Fully Loaded with Fuel & Water29,000 lbs; 13,200 kg
Diesel Fuel300 Gallons (1,135 Liters)
Fuel Expected Run Time9-18 hours
Boiler Water Supply1,000 Gallons (3,785 Liters)
Water Expected Run Time3-6 hours
Normal operating Pressure12 psi
Boiler Pressure Max15 psi
Burner Fuel Type#2 Diesel
Burner IgnitionPropane Pilot
Engine3 Cylinder Diesel. 21 HorsePower
Alternator240 VAC. 12,000 Watts
4 Radial Flotation Tires620/40-R22.5 BKT. 36 psi field pressure
TypeBogie Tandem
Front AxleLeading Rigid, Hydraulic Brakes
Rear AxleTrailing Steerable, Hydraulic Brakes
1-3/4 Inch Drive Shaft1,000 RPM
Steering Axle Lock Cylinders1 SCV
Baler Pickup1 SCV
Other Baler Hydraulic RequirementsAs Needed


A custom boiler design allows for maximum efficiency at a low pressure. As exhaust gases from the burner pass through tubes, water surrounding the tubes is heated and turned to steam.

A diesel driven generator powers the lights, and all electical components on the DewPoint 6210.

A diesel-fired burner is the heat source for generating the steam necessary for today’s high-capacity balers. The DewPoint 6210 comes equipped with a self-cleaning burner fan. This design eliminates debris build-up on the fan blades resulting in more efficient burning with less maintenance.

Fuel Tanks
The DewPoint 6210 runs on #2 diesel fuel. The two tanks hold a total of 300 gallons. The DewPoint uses an average of 1/2 gallon of diesel per ton of hay baled.

Water Tanks
The DewPoint 6210 can hold 1,000 gallons of water. Depending on crop yield and the amount of steam being produced, an operator can bale 80-120 acres of hay with one load of water.

The DewPoint 6210 comes standard with Radial Floatation Tires

Feed Water System
A unique boiler feed water system keeps steam pressure consistent through a wide range of operating parameters

Propane Ignition
Propane is used to ignite the diesel-fired burner. Propane facilitates consistent ignition pilot lights.

Steam Hoses
Four hoses to strategic areas of the baler ensure that steam is evenly distributed, while allowing custom control by the operator


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