• Manual controls attach to any skid steer
  • Cut asphalt and concrete with the same machine
  • Optional water kit increases tool life by 20 to 30 percent
  • Easy to maneuver, great for bridge decks
  • Top pivot design self-levels drum and chassis creating higher down forces and smoother cuts
Working Width (in)24
Approximate Operating Weight (lbs)1,919
Number of Teeth62
Hydraulic Flow (gpm)28-47
Hydraulic Pressure Requirement (psi)2,500-3,500
Cutting Depth (in)0-6
Tilt (degrees)+/- 15
Depth control mechanismHydraulic
Tilt control mechanismHydraulic
Side shift mechanismHydraulic
Hydraulic function activationManual or electric
Hydraulic flow classificationHigh-flow


  • 24-inch cutting width
  • Cutting depth range: 0-6 inches
  • Manual controls attach to any skid steer
  • Top pivot design to self-level drum and chassis for higher down force and smoother cuts
  • Optional water kit for increased longevity
  • Optional step drum and stripe removal drum for added versatility


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