ATJ 60


Looking for a compact, all-terain MEWP solution? Then the ATJ 60 is the solution for you! With its 18.3 meter max platform height, articulated arm and 360 degree continuous rotation, it allows you the ability to work in the most remote and difficult to access areas. To ensure safety, the ATJ 60 has a smooth double basket, an operator presence pedal and a negative braking system. The design of the chassis is well-suited for off-road use, whatever the ground conditions, making the ATJ 60 an ideal aerial lift for all your outdoor work.

The 200 ATJ articulated platform allows you to carry out your tasks at a working height of 20 m with an up and over clearance of 8 m. Up to 230 kg can be loaded and its platfrom of 2.1 m x 0.8 m provides the operator with a large working area. The platform's ground clearance of 0.43 m combined with its all-terrain capabilities guarantee a high clearance capacity. An incremental hydraulic management system for engine speed was developed so as to reduce the noise level and fuel consumption. Its ergonomic console makes it a valued machine on sites for the quickness of its handling.


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