All Terrain JetStream Injection Toolbars

The BLU-JET AT3015 integrates many of the features, such as high flotation tires and bottom fill plumbing, found on BLU-JET Commercial Class Application Equipment, while offering a more cost efficient tank and chassis option. This mixture has made AT3015 one of the best sellers on the market.

Field Proven Durability

The AT3015 integrates BLU-JET Commercial Class Application Features into a durable, cost effective, implement for those looking to side dress at 30’ and 40’ widths. With design elements including an integrated tongue and hitch, a 1,025 elliptical tank mounted perpendicularly to reduce sloshing, high flotation tires, bottom fill plumbing, and BLU-JET Liquid Injection Row Units; the AT3015 continues to be one of the longest running, and best selling, liquid applicators on the market today.

These standard features, combined with the options of mechanical or variable rate pump drives and gull wing toolbar lift, have made the AT3015 an easy choice for those who have years of experience in liquid application, and those who are new to the practice.



  • Rugged Toolbar and Mounting
  • Dual 3 x 8 Lift Cylinders with Depth Setting Spacers
  • 3 x 20 Wing Fold Cylinders
  • Positive Contact Drive Mount
  • Bottom-Fill Plumbing


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