Each 9000VE row unit acts as an individual planter, enabling the White Planters 9222VE to vary seed population by row when ground speeds vary while planting contours or as swath control is required. The Single Row Module (SRM) control the meter speed on each row, maintaining consistent seed spacing across the width of the planter. DeltaForce®, the optional Active Hydraulic Downforce system provides independent downforce control over each row unit. Downforce information is measured multiple times a second and relayed to the planter’s 20/20 monitor. The incorporation of Precision Planting’s 20/20 monitor enables the operator to determine and monitor the minimum and maximum amounts of weight on the gauge wheels ensuring that all seeds are planted to the correct depth, and soil environment significantly enhancing uniform crop emergence.

Model9200VE Series
ModelRowsSpacingTransport WidthFrame Size
9222VE1230"196"7" x 7"


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