5900 Planter


Announcing the NEW 5900 front fold planters! Replacing the 4905 planters, they are available in the popular 24R30, 16R30, and 12R30 configurations. All models are equipped with the NEW 5000 Series electric drive row unit. With generous seed and fertilizer capacities, the 5900 is THE high productivity electric drive solution for 30″ row planting.

Key Benefits

  • Fully delivered electric planting with the 5000 Series row unit, Blue Drive electric drive, and two electric meter options
  • Simple planter operation with the Blue Vantage display controlling all transport, planting, fertilizer, camera, and data functions
  • Maintain optimum and consistent seed depth with the quick-responding and durable True Depth hydraulic down force system
  • The maintenance of three-fold marker arms is drastically reduced with pivots equipped with greaseless fiber bushings
  • Reduced service and improved productivity from low-maintenance and durable features from the hitch to closing wheels
  • Adjust closing wheels for optimum seed-to-soil contact using Blue Vantage-controlled, air-adjustable closing wheels
  • Easily navigate rolling terrain with the 3-section front fold, high clearance frame featuring 42 degrees of wing flex
  • Time-saving liquid fertilizer system with 400 to 750-gallon onboard capacity and optional factory plumbing for a nurse or saddle tanks
  • Accurately control fertilizer application row-by-row using the Blue Vantage display, at rates from 2–25 GPA, while planting.
Model5900 Planter


  • 24R30 w/o openers
  • 24R30 w/ openers
  • 16R30
  • 12R30


Blue Vantage

Blue Vantage® is the industry’s easiest-to-use dedicated planter display. Designed by Kinze and exclusive to Kinze planters, this innovative, clean, and streamlined display provides simple, accurate, and intuitive planter control for high-productivity planting. Factory presets remove the labor and guesswork from setup, while a dedicated planting screen provides all critical information at one glance during planting. Built-in diagnostics provide easy and efficient troubleshooting. The Kinze 5900 and 5700 planters exclusively use the Blue Vantage display and Blue Drive electric drive.
  • Only 3 clicks are required to start planting with the rugged and simple-to-use touch-screen
  • A single screen displays all critical information, and factory presets eliminate setup guesswork
  • Yetter air adjust row cleaners are fully controlled from a dedicated display screen
  • See clearly behind the planter with the standard rear-facing camera; 3 additional cameras are optional
  • Remote viewing of the Blue Vantage screen when logged into a Blue Connect account
  • Adjust prescription map populations after importing them – directly from the plant screen
  • Supports planting wheat with True Rate vacuum seed meter

Blue Drive

Blue Drive® is a Kinze designed electric drive system that is simple, reliable and accurate, giving you confidence during the planting season. Ethernet communication and universal module architecture allow for faster, more accurate planter performance with built-in feature expandability. System design delivers enhanced section control and accurate seed placement, ensuring maximized profitability.
  • Ethernet connectivity provides reliable, faster connection and speeds for quick software updates and troubleshooting
  • Universal module design for easy trouble shooting and module replacement with built in diagnostic status indicators
  • Proprietary, non-ISOBUS architecture to optimize the design and experience for Kinze users
  • Designed to be easily updated with software upgrades and additional features that require no costly unlock codes.
  • Kinze Blue Drive electric drive equipped planters are covered by an industry leading 2-year hitch pin to closing wheel warranty



  • 5000 Series electric drive row unit
  • Blue Drive electric drive and Blue Vantage display
  • True Rate vacuum meters
  • True Depth hydraulic down force
  • Active hydraulic weight transfer
  • Yetter 2940 Air Adjust™ Series
    row cleaners
  • 400 to 750 gallons liquid fertilizer
    (depending on configuration)
  • Air adjustable closing wheels
  • one camera standard; 3 additional cameras optional
  • 42 degrees wing flex
  • High transport clearance
  • Flip axle (24R)
  • Articulating clevis hitch


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