3705 Planter


The 3705 is a great value, 2-section front fold planter, in 24-row 20″ or 22″ spacing, that provides increased planting efficiency with minimal hydraulic requirements. With 110 bushels of bulk fill seed capacity, 300 gallons of fertilizer, True Rate vacuum meters, and hydraulic drive, it quickly plants narrow-row crops. Special requirements? The 3705 is also available with ground contact drive, mechanical seed meters, and row unit hoppers to match your farming practices.


  • Exceptional seed handling capabilities with upgraded bulk fill entrainer — up to 11 different crops
  • 99% accuracy at speeds up to 8 mph as field conditions allow, with the True Rate vacuum meter
  • Improved durability, longer wear life, and lower cost of ownership from 05 Series row unit upgrades
  • Cost effective solution for planting 20″ or 22″ row crops
  • Low hydraulic requirements — maximum of three SCVs required
  • Fewer stops with 110 bushels bulk fill seed capacity
  • Efficient fertilizer application with 300 gallons of fertilizer capacity
Model3705 Planter


  • 24 Row 22″
  • 24 Row 20"



  • True Rate vacuum seed meter
  • 110 Bushel bulk fill
  • Variable rate hydraulic drive
  • Finger pick-up meter
  • 300 Gallon liquid fertilizer
  • 05 Series row unit enhancements
  • Narrow rows — 20″ or 22″
  • Brush meter 2.0


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