3505 Planter


Uniquely positioned as a small frame basic or advanced technology planter for smaller farms or small fields, the Kinze 3505 pivot fold planter is simple to operate, high performing, and available with or without split rows. Performance optimized with optional high tech features—Blue Vantage display*, Blue Drive electric* drive, True Rate vacuum meters, and True Depth hydraulic down force—it accurately places your seed for increased productivity and profits. With bulk-fill seed-carrying capacity of 50 bushels, and liquid and dry fertilizer options, you will be in and out of fields quickly.

Key Benefits

  • True high-performance split row planting achieved with Blue Drive electric drive, True Rate Meters, and upgraded 05 Series row units
  • Simple and easy to use Blue Vantage display with shared coverage data and up to four planter-mounted cameras
  • Consistent seed depth control from the optional True Depth hydraulic down force system
  • Exceptional seed handling capabilities with upgraded bulk fill entrainer—up to 11 different crops
  • 99% accuracy at speeds up to 8 mph as field conditions allow, with the True Rate vacuum meter
  • Fewer stops with 50 bushel bulk fill seed capacity
  • Narrow transport and easy serviceability achieved with double frame, lift and pivot folding frame design
  • Improved durability, longer wear life, and lower cost of ownership from 05 Series row unit upgrades
  • Efficient fertilizer application with up to 300 gallons of liquid or 2,200 lbs. of dry fertilizer capacity
Model3505 Planter


  • 6 Row 30″
  • 8 Row 30″


Blue Vantage

Planting should be easy, especially when all you want to do is plant. The ability to just plant is key when you have a narrow window of opportunity to get your crops in. The Blue Vantage display offers a simple, easy-to-use user interface that communicates directly with your Kinze planter. Simply confirm the settings…and away you go!
  • INTUITIVE & EASY TO USE - Three clicks. That’s it. Really, it’s that simple. Turn on the display, and in three clicks, you are planting. Need we say any more?
  • COMPREHENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC SCREEN - Quickly identify and diagnose system component performance when needed, allowing you to maximize your planting time.
  • OPTIMIZED PLANT SCREEN LAYOUT - A single screen provides all critical planting parameters and controls. This display is simple, smart and user-friendly. You get efficient planter control that allows you to get the most from your Kinze planter.
  • HIGH-SPEED ETHERNET COMMUNICATION - Provides fast, reliable and dedicated connection to the planter for worry-free communication during the times when you depend on your equipment and technology. System and software updates load fast.
  • RUGGED 12″ TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY - Easy-to-read, high-definition screen is controlled with touch, pinch and zoom screen actions. Built for tough outdoor environments, the rugged display offers dependability for when you need it most.

Blue Drive

Row-by-row control that gives you the ability to plant accurately where you need to. Precise placement equates to higher yields and maximized profitability. The new Blue Drive™ electric drive system is designed to seamlessly integrate with the new Blue Vantage™ display to analyze and report critical planting data and place your seed exactly where it needs to go.
  • DESIGNED FOR EASY MAINTENANCE - Blue Drive reduces the number of moving parts and the maintenance that mechanical drive systems have that leads to costly upkeep. Built with Kinze proven dependability and quality that gives you a system you can count on year after year, acre after acre.
  • SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE - Service made easy. When things do happen, being able to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot means you can get right back to planting.
  • INDIVIDUAL ROW MODULES - Each row unit is individually monitored and controlled for optimum seed placement. Taking accuracy and agronomic precision to a whole new level. This is how planting should be done.
  • SHOWING LOVE FOR CURVES - Curve compensation independently adjusts every row providing accurate, consistent seed spacing and row population, eliminating overcrowded inside rows and lightly populated outside rows.
  • SECTION CONTROL - Say goodbye to overlap. Stop the row when it is meant to be stopped. Blue Drive offers industry-leading, unmatched split row and set-back row shut-off performance.



  • True Rate vacuum seed meter
  • True Depth hydraulic down force
  • 05 Series row unit enhancements
  • Finger pick-up meter
  • Blue Vantage display
  • Liquid or dry fertilizer
  • Ground contract drive
  • Brush meter 2.0
  • Blue Drive electric drive
  • 50 bu. bulk fill capacity
  • Split row
  • Narrow transport


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