3205 Planter


The 3205 wing fold planter is an economical solution for many operations—perfect for the farmer moving from a 6-row to a 12-row planter or a growing operation in need of a second planter for smaller field sizes. Standard ground contact drive works seamlessly with True Rate vacuum meters for accurate seed placement. Wing fold frame provides center flex for terraces and rolling terrain and the proven design has minimal hydraulic requirements and low cost of ownership.


  • Improved durability, longer wear life, and lower cost of ownership from 05 Series row unit upgrades
  • 99% accuracy at speeds up to 8 mph as field conditions allow, with the True Rate vacuum meter
  • Economical planter with minimal hydraulic requirements and low cost of ownership
  • Easily navigate terraces and rolling terrain with wing fold frame design incorporating 25 degrees of center flex
  • Efficient fertilizer application with 400 gallons of liquid fertilizer capacity
Model3205 Planter


  • 12 Row 30″



  • True Rate vacuum seed meter
  • Ground contract drive
  • Brush meter 2.0
  • 7″ x 7″ toolbar
  • 05 Series row unit enhancements
  • Finger pick-up meter
  • Electric clutches
  • 25 degrees toolbar flex
  • Liquid fertilizer


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